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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wash That Man Right Out of my Hair

I performed at Southmore House's "White Noise" at a local laundromat. 
I played a cover I made of "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of my Hair" while rubbing creamy white conditioner all over my hair and body and then placing my head inside the washing machine. 

This is a performance about the way we talk about the people we love. 
This is a performance about how women talk about men.
This is how a woman gives a blow job.
This is a performance about how sick an old joke makes me feel.
This is a performance about desperation and inability.

Of course, inspired by the classic: 

First photo by Baltazar Canales, Second photo by Hilary Scullane

Apparition in Chicago

I performed 'Apparition' in Chicago as a part of Defibrillator's Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival. I "appeared" beneath the bridge where Mary has been seen in the water markings on the wall of the underpass. Many cars drove beneath the bridge and there were quite a few double takes. Here is what I wrote about the experience:

I sat under the bridge, where so many people believed that Mary appeared to them.

If Mary was not on that wall before, she exists under that bridge now. The beliefs, the worship, the faith of so many honoring The Virgin Mother in that place, has strengthened the spirit of the divine feminine.

I stood there, and breathed her in. The woman who, in the stories, appeared sinful, fallen, used up, wrong to those around her, when in fact she was holding God in her body.

Cars drove by, and people did double takes, some straining to see if their eyes were playing tricks on them, some not even looking.

I stood there and thought about the way Mary always seems to be confidently shining, radiant, so gracefully sure of the divinity that she envelopes. No shame, no doubt, no apologies, just being, just shining.

After meditating for awhile, I opened my eyes to a car who decided to drive around in order to be directly in front of me. The whole family was smiling at me, and I smiled at them, feeling as if I was shining.

As I was driving away I saw another car stop, An old lady was led to the wall, to touch it, and receive healing. I was almost dizzy with the feeling that if I ran back to her and touched her eyes, she would be healed. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

You, Thinking. At Lone Star Explosion.

photo by Alex Barber
Photo by Rico Svaughn

I had an amazing time performing at Houston's first International Performance Art Festival. Much thanks to Kelly Alison and all of the wonderful crew and artists that made the experience so crazy great.

I performed a transformation, stepping out of one thought process into another, about being self conscious and then being a different kind of self conscious, and then being a new self conscious altogether.

photo by Alex Barber

video by Jonathan Jindra

Dead Girls

Photo by Jonatan Lopez

photo by Alex Barber

Dead Girls by Julia Wallace
performed by Julia and Sway
during the madness at Notsuoh during Lone Star Performance Explosion
A performance about the parts of myself I murdered and hid in my attic throughout my youth. Heinous acts of self preservation.

Thank you so much, Sway!

Tangled at Kali

In collaboration with my partner, John.
A piece about the strange beauty of unraveling and getting all tangled up.
This piece was a part of Kali by Continuum at the Orange Show.

In addition to this performance, I created a participatory self guided adventure for couples.
By following a red string and following the instructions found along the way, participants experienced a relationship altering experience. This performance was about the arc of love affairs.

Photos by Herb
Video by Binarium Productions

Friday, January 13, 2012

I wanted to see what it would feel like to be flying over the ocean.
It made my arms feel tired.

"Creative Visualization" performed at Continuum's beach retreat, "Beach Fuck It Bingo."
Photo by Jonatan Lopez
Facilitated by Continuum

Monday, October 17, 2011

I Give Up

Performed by Julia Wallace during Continuum's performance art retreat "Beach Fuck It Bingo" in Galveston Tx,

Facilitated by Continuum

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I have nightmares about the ocean. Tidal waves and drowning.
I love the ocean. It is where I go when I need to reset.

Performed by Julia Wallace
Filmed by Jonatan Lopez
during Beach Fuck It Bingo in Galveston, Tx
Facilitated by Continuum

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


A performance.
Performed at iPerform by Continuum, at Spacetaker, August 26th 2011.

This is a performance about nurturing and giving and hating.

photos by Monica Wolfe
video by Jonatan Lopez


a site specific performance and installation at Notsuoh.
August 23, 2011

This is a piece about distance, separation and transforming one thing into another.

Photos by Ana Gooseman.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hidden Pussy

a performance by Julia Claire Wallace
performed in May 2011

In this piece I hid picture postcards of my genitalia in my workplace, as well as other people's workplace. I also sold limited edition pussy postcards at the opening so that others would have the opportunity to hide a pussy in their workplace.

Special thanks to John Zambrano

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Personal Experience

a performance conceived by Julia Claire Wallace
performed by Julia Claire Wallace and Continuum at the Ponderosa
participants: Koomah, Bryce Galbraith, Sway Youngston, Eric Ling, Kris Smith, David Davis, and Jonatan Lopez

This is a performance about art, about sharing things with other people, about creating for eachother, about personal experience.

I created a personal light and sound show for each participant by manually manipulating their visual and auditory senses. The other participants helped by creating sounds that I directed for each personal show.

photos by Continuum

This piece was reperformed by Julia and Continuum at the Meditation Lounge, using breath as the sound.

Video by Raindawg.

Monday, May 16, 2011


April 2011
a performance by Julia Wallace
This piece was performed on the Graustark Bridge over Houston's major freeway Interstate 59. I appeared as the Virgin Mary for the traffic, holding my baby Lily, and nursing her when she was hungry.

photos by Craig Hart Christie Jr.
video by Jonatan Lopez
facilitated by Continuum

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Performance Art Workshop, March 2011

I led a Performance Art Workshop at the Jenner House.
Amazing artists came and participated, and they performed some beautiful pieces.
This group has now become CONTINUUM. A collection of Houston performance artists connected in the desire to help and encourage each other's self discovery through performance, as well as a desire to give the gift of performative expression to others. I am currently facilitating the group. It has been amazing.

Picture credits (from top):

Waiting For the Unknown
conceived by Jonatan Lopez and Hilary Sculane
performed by Hilary Sculane
photo documentation by Rico Svaughn

conceived by Jonatan Lopez
performed by Continuum
video documentation by Jonatan Lopez & Rico Svaughn
photo documentation by Rico Svaughn

Sweeping Piece
conceived by Emily Sloan
performed by Continuum
photo documentation by Matthew Marand

Friday, February 18, 2011

Performing in Leipzig, Germany

Julia Claire Wallace / Houston Blauverschiebung No3 2010 Leipzig from galerie KUB on Vimeo.

Seeing Self
A performance by Julia Claire Wallace
September 2010
Blauverschiebing No. 3
Galerie KUB
Leipzig, Germany

In this performance I had the audience walk with me in circles around the space. Then, I stepped onto the stage, and completely undressed, exposing my pregnant body. I took my digital camera and went over my entire body, looking at myself through the camera screen. Then, I went out into the crowd and examined individual members of the audience through my camera. I then returned to the stage and examined my body, this time without the camera. I ended the performance by standing in front of the crowd and making eye contact with each member of the audience.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Be Fucking Proud of Yourself

a performance created by Julia Wallace
performed by Jennifer Tyburczy
performed at Come As You Are
DiverseWorks, September 2010

photo by Hilary Sculane

In this performance the audience was given pieces of paper that asked them to write down a sexual act that they have done that they are very proud of. The papers were collected. Volunteers from the audience picked out papers randomly and read them for the crowd. In response, the audience clapped and cheered excitedly.

This performance explores the feeling of pride that often accompanies sex. It will give the audience a chance to be congratulated for a job well done, and perhaps create a kind of intimacy through the sharing of private moments. This piece also subverts any guilt or embarrassment that may come from these private moments, by making them anonymous, and giving the audience a chance to be proud of something, and get attention for something, that they may be uncomfortable announcing any other way.

Very Special Thanks to Jennifer for performing this piece for me!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

You can't live without one more touch.

In this piece, Julia Claire Wallace repeatedly slaps her ass as Carrie Underwood's country hit Cowboy Cassanova plays loudly.

photo by Craig Hart Christie Jr.

I want Jessie's Girl.

In this piece, Julia Claire Wallace pees into a glass vase. Then as the pop song, Jessie's Girl plays, she attempts to throw pennies into the vase of urine after screaming her own personal desires.

photo by Craig Hart Christie Jr.

Monday, March 29, 2010

How can you love me like this?

Julia Claire Wallace is dressed in white. She masturbates while covered in sugar, she yells, "How can you love me like this?" She fills her mouth with sugar. She orgasms.

What is your name and favorite color?

Julia Claire Wallace shares her name and favorite color, then asks the audience to tell their name and favorite color while an intimate video of herself plays on the big screen behind her.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Performance Art Houston

I have started a blog to encourage the Performance Art in Houston, even though i am not sure there is very much of it. Maybe this is an attempt to find it.


I have also been putting on a monthly performance art night at Notsuoh, a local bar run by Jim Pirtle, a true Houston Performance Artist. Most of the performers would have never called themselves performance artists before participating in the event, but i am thrilled to create an opportunity for them discover the option.

Here is a post from Performance Art Houston that documents one of the nights.

It has been really exciting and fulfilling for me.

It has also given me the chance to perform almost once a month, this has been really interesting... my pieces have created a kind of narrative of my growth. I read a love letter to myself while slowly undressing, revealing my body to the crowd, I threw a tantrum, I spanked myself to Carrie Underwood's Cowboy Cassanova, and I masturbated while covered in sugar. Each piece needs a detailed explanation, and hopefully i will be able to create an exhibition or show that will bring it all together eventually. Jim Pirtle wrote about my pieces and about performance art night on his blog here, which was a really interesting read for me.

Visit Performance Art Houston for info on future events.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dear Julia, I LOVE YOU. Love, Julia: Performed at PERFORMANCE ART NIGHT at Notsuoh, August 29th

Julia Claire Wallace read this letter on stage,
while slowly undressing.
She ended the piece naked.

Dear Julia,

I love you.

I love you.

I love who you are.

I love your hair, how you never know quite what to do with it, how you come up with bizarre ways to hide it, or you go through strangely beautiful fazes of different , not quite stylish attempts to make sense of it.

I love how you don’t keep up with its color, the tips are some unnatural red and the roots are the color of a mouse.

I love how you care about things, but you don’t care about things at the same time. I love that uncomfortable contradiction.

I love your eyes, a Gray Blue. Gray seems to be the color that fits you, the color of ashes, the color of your grandmother’s hair. Your eyes, your skin, your colors, remind me of the ocean, my favorite place, the salty heavy air, the dirty natural rawness of nature, with the water, a refreshing savior from itself.

I love the way you cling to existence, even when you are sick with emotion, with grief, with sadness, with desire, with loss. You can still see, you have always kept feeling even when you were hurting. You are so thankful.

I love the way you love people, I love the way you care so much. I love the way you give and love and understand. I love the way you look at people, who other people turn away from. I love the way you are scared of people, the way you shake and can barely breathe sometimes from anticipation and worry, I love the way you take deep breaths and try anyway. I love the way you shake and cry through the things you are scared of.

I love the way that you get so sick over fucking up, you care, you try to make it right, it becomes an obsession, sometimes the obsession makes you fuck up even more, but I have faith in you, you always seem to figure out eventually, you listen to yourself, you seek out the answers, you try. I love that.

I love your clothes, like your hair, you try so hard but you don’t give a shit at the same time. I don’t even understand it. I want to. I want to understand you so I can love you more. You pick so carefully and so oddly. Who is it for, Julia? I love the way you care so much, and don’t care at all, I love your confusion, your earnest confusion.

I love your body,

I love your clavicles, when I draw you I never leave them out. I love feeling your bones and organs through the thick blanket of your skin, what a miracle, you are, living breathing thinking seeing, everything. I can hardly believe that you exist. I am so grateful for that existence.

I love your wide hips, so female. I love your thick legs, so substantial.
I love your pubic hair! Never shave! I love running my fingers through it, I love its color and its stiffness. I love the smell of your pussy, it smells like sex, like bodies and togetherness and freedom.

I love your stomach, I love holding it, I love how you stick it out and look in the mirror and think, I look so pregnant and you smile! I love how you hold it in constantly, I love how you love it and worry about it at the same time.

And your ass, I love your ass, so big, and wide and womanly. So sexual.

I love your cellulite, when I see your cellulite I think of real sex, not television sex, not porn, not models in bikinis in magazines. I think of real true fucking. I think of glances you are lucky to get, secrets and vulnerability and the heart of things, I love your cellulite. I love that it makes you embarrassed, that it makes you worried. I love how it makes you nervous to ever wear a bathing suit, I love how it breaks your heart in dressing room mirrors, but it doesn’t need to, I love it. Its so beautiful.

You’re so beautiful.

I love you, Julia

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The death of a friendship - performed by Julia Claire Wallace April 2009

My friendship died, so i made a grave for it.

I mourned there, and I thought about how sometimes when things die, you want to die with them.

Then I got up, and i made a plaque in loving memory.

I put it where the friendship died and thought about life after death.

(plaque reads: In loving memory of the friendship of Julia and Nancy. May the memories of your creativity and love overcome those of your painful passing.)