Friday, February 15, 2008

The Performance Art at the University of Houston: Spring 2008

There have been some interesting occurances in the group of Performance Artists at University of Houston led by Elia Arce.

Here are a few:

Julia Claire Wallace created a half circle of chairs. She invited the members of the group to sit around her. She played the sounds of a ticking clock. She was lying on her back, she chanted the word beauty. She placed a vibrator against her herself, and continued to chant beauty as long as she could before she orgasmed. Then she resumed her chant.

Nancy Douthey Sat down on the ground with the group members. She had part of a sandwich on a plate, a glass of juice, and a bag of cheese balls. She ate the sandwich silently. Then she poured some cheeseballs onto her plate and carefully arranged them in a circle. She named each of her cheeseballs after friends and family. "This is mom and dad (pointing.) These are my sisters. This is my husband Mark. This is my friend Amy, and this is Radar my dog (etc.). "
Then she began to eat them. She chose easily at first. Starting with her cousins, moving to friends, then to cats. As she continued, it became obviously harder for her to choose. She began crying with her final choices. Finally, she was left with an empty plate.

Patrick O'Brien Doyle went to the front of the room, the group members sat in their desks watching. He took off his shoes and placed them in front of himself, facing him as if there was someone standing in front of him. He took off his socks, then his shirt. Solemnly, he took off his pants, and then his shirt. Finally he took off his underwear and and stood naked in front of his empty shoes.
(Then he gathered up his clothes quickly, held his clothes over his privates and ran out the classroom door)

Mark Hesterlee wore sunglasses and carefully chosen clothing. He stood emotionless and still in front of the classroom as a video was projected over him. The video was fast paced and filled with brand names and neon colors. The performance lasted about four minutes.