Friday, May 30, 2008

Declaring things Collectible: by Julia Claire Wallace May 2008- the present

Julia Claire Wallace declares her work collectable:

Consider yourself very lucky if you have any of the following:

numbered and signed prints of her paintings WITHOUT white borders. These are her first numbered prints ever. The matte prints of Niki, Janelle, Meghan, and the breasts Julia declares most valuable. The shiny prints of Nancy, Shawn and Julia holding the ankle are slightly less valued because she is still selling them. They are more collectible if they are signed and numbered, because she forgot to number some of them, and they are extra collectible if they are titled 'Patrick'.

Julia's limited edition zine is also a collector's. It contained many drawn portraits and myspace profiles.

Letters from Julia Claire Wallace are extremely collectible and should be carefully preserved, even if they are photo copied letters. Julia Claire Wallace often sent an altered photocopy instead of a hand written letter. These are especially collectible if they have the original envelope.

Any actual drawing or paintings by Julia are EXTREMELY rare and collectible considering that she keeps almost all of her work in a very old house, stacked in piles.

Screenprints are very collectible as well. There are very few screen prints, lino cuts, and other various kinds of prints in circulation. (Some titles include: Niki, Chasing Skirts to Heaven, The Nineteenth Summer and Baby.)

Also collectible are the handouts of Julia Claire Wallace.

Editions include:

A badly stapled set of handouts entitled:
The Artery Performance April 3rd (24 copies)
this handout is numbered and signed. Julia Claire Wallace declares the badly stapled copies MORE collectible.

set of 25 numbered and signed copies of a review of Julia Claire Wallace's piece entilitled 'Beauty' written by Patrick O'Brien Doyle

set of 25 numbered and signed copies of 'The Shower Story' a collaborative piece by julia claire wallace and patrick o'brien doyle.

Julia Claire Wallace is happy to sign any other copies of these handouts that are floating around, but if they are numbered, they are much more collectible.

More collectible items will be added to this list as they are remembered, or created.

Friday, May 2, 2008


watch out for sexyATTACK!

this has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life.