Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wash That Man Right Out of my Hair

I performed at Southmore House's "White Noise" at a local laundromat. 
I played a cover I made of "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of my Hair" while rubbing creamy white conditioner all over my hair and body and then placing my head inside the washing machine. 

This is a performance about the way we talk about the people we love. 
This is a performance about how women talk about men.
This is how a woman gives a blow job.
This is a performance about how sick an old joke makes me feel.
This is a performance about desperation and inability.

Of course, inspired by the classic: 

First photo by Baltazar Canales, Second photo by Hilary Scullane

Apparition in Chicago

I performed 'Apparition' in Chicago as a part of Defibrillator's Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival. I "appeared" beneath the bridge where Mary has been seen in the water markings on the wall of the underpass. Many cars drove beneath the bridge and there were quite a few double takes. Here is what I wrote about the experience:

I sat under the bridge, where so many people believed that Mary appeared to them.

If Mary was not on that wall before, she exists under that bridge now. The beliefs, the worship, the faith of so many honoring The Virgin Mother in that place, has strengthened the spirit of the divine feminine.

I stood there, and breathed her in. The woman who, in the stories, appeared sinful, fallen, used up, wrong to those around her, when in fact she was holding God in her body.

Cars drove by, and people did double takes, some straining to see if their eyes were playing tricks on them, some not even looking.

I stood there and thought about the way Mary always seems to be confidently shining, radiant, so gracefully sure of the divinity that she envelopes. No shame, no doubt, no apologies, just being, just shining.

After meditating for awhile, I opened my eyes to a car who decided to drive around in order to be directly in front of me. The whole family was smiling at me, and I smiled at them, feeling as if I was shining.

As I was driving away I saw another car stop, An old lady was led to the wall, to touch it, and receive healing. I was almost dizzy with the feeling that if I ran back to her and touched her eyes, she would be healed.