Friday, September 26, 2008

John's First Art Show: curated by Julia Wallace and John Zambrano, September 14th 2008

To prepare for Hurricane Ike, Houston artist John Zambrano gathered his latest paintings and hammered them to the windows of his house to protect them from the harsh winds.

This display of his paintings was greatly admired by another local artist, and girlfriend Julia Claire Wallace.

Partly to avoid another hurricane inspired fight and/or break up the two artists found a chicken and some wine at one of the few open convenience stores in the city and decided to curate an event entitled John's First Art Show.

John had displayed the art, so Julia texted specifically selected performance artists to collaborate on an evening of life art.

Participating Artists included:

Aisen Chacin
Tyson Urich
Christian Ochoa
Smitty Regula
John Zambrano
Julia Wallace

Many pieces emerged including
a painting, painting NICKTEEL, bathing NICKTEEL, shared sexual exploits and experiences, laying and looking at the stars while holding hands, Street Dancing, Flashlight Interviews, Barbecuing a Chicken and vomiting behind the house.