Sunday, April 8, 2012

You, Thinking. At Lone Star Explosion.

photo by Alex Barber
Photo by Rico Svaughn

I had an amazing time performing at Houston's first International Performance Art Festival. Much thanks to Kelly Alison and all of the wonderful crew and artists that made the experience so crazy great.

I performed a transformation, stepping out of one thought process into another, about being self conscious and then being a different kind of self conscious, and then being a new self conscious altogether.

photo by Alex Barber

video by Jonathan Jindra

Dead Girls

Photo by Jonatan Lopez

photo by Alex Barber

Dead Girls by Julia Wallace
performed by Julia and Sway
during the madness at Notsuoh during Lone Star Performance Explosion
A performance about the parts of myself I murdered and hid in my attic throughout my youth. Heinous acts of self preservation.

Thank you so much, Sway!

Tangled at Kali

In collaboration with my partner, John.
A piece about the strange beauty of unraveling and getting all tangled up.
This piece was a part of Kali by Continuum at the Orange Show.

In addition to this performance, I created a participatory self guided adventure for couples.
By following a red string and following the instructions found along the way, participants experienced a relationship altering experience. This performance was about the arc of love affairs.

Photos by Herb
Video by Binarium Productions