Friday, February 18, 2011

Performing in Leipzig, Germany

Julia Claire Wallace / Houston Blauverschiebung No3 2010 Leipzig from galerie KUB on Vimeo.

Seeing Self
A performance by Julia Claire Wallace
September 2010
Blauverschiebing No. 3
Galerie KUB
Leipzig, Germany

In this performance I had the audience walk with me in circles around the space. Then, I stepped onto the stage, and completely undressed, exposing my pregnant body. I took my digital camera and went over my entire body, looking at myself through the camera screen. Then, I went out into the crowd and examined individual members of the audience through my camera. I then returned to the stage and examined my body, this time without the camera. I ended the performance by standing in front of the crowd and making eye contact with each member of the audience.