Friday, November 14, 2008

Video by Julia Claire Wallace, Fall 2008

Julia Claire Wallace used Dr. Pepper for a few performances, then used part of the documentation to create a short video to be posted on the internet website YouTube.

Friday, September 26, 2008

John's First Art Show: curated by Julia Wallace and John Zambrano, September 14th 2008

To prepare for Hurricane Ike, Houston artist John Zambrano gathered his latest paintings and hammered them to the windows of his house to protect them from the harsh winds.

This display of his paintings was greatly admired by another local artist, and girlfriend Julia Claire Wallace.

Partly to avoid another hurricane inspired fight and/or break up the two artists found a chicken and some wine at one of the few open convenience stores in the city and decided to curate an event entitled John's First Art Show.

John had displayed the art, so Julia texted specifically selected performance artists to collaborate on an evening of life art.

Participating Artists included:

Aisen Chacin
Tyson Urich
Christian Ochoa
Smitty Regula
John Zambrano
Julia Wallace

Many pieces emerged including
a painting, painting NICKTEEL, bathing NICKTEEL, shared sexual exploits and experiences, laying and looking at the stars while holding hands, Street Dancing, Flashlight Interviews, Barbecuing a Chicken and vomiting behind the house.

Friday, August 22, 2008

More documentation of Art that should be documented.

This is a continuation of the piece that begun in 2007 entitled, Documentation of Art by Local Artists that should be Documented.

This is
The Life Art Lecture
by Patrick O'Brien Doyle
performed at the first Performance Art Lab event in 2007

This is some video documentation from The Performance Art Lab event held at The Julia entitled Julia's Parents are Out of Town, featuring performance art pieces by Sean Carrol, Keijero Suzuki, Nancy Douthey, Julia Wallace, and Tyson Urich.

This is a more detailed video of the performance piece by Julia Claire Wallace that occured that night at The Julia.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Watching. Performed by Julia Claire Wallace from the middle of last semester until the present. (summer 2008)

Julia Claire Wallace began watching a very
amount of
and television
and movies

here is a compiled list including details that seemed important-

Polanski Movies-
Bitter Moon*
Knife in the water
The Fearless Vampire Killers^
Repulsion (this is one of the most disturbing movies she has ever seen)
Death and the Maiden
Rosemary's Baby

other movies-
Sex and Lucia
The Night of the Iguana
The Fisher King
The Puffy Chair
I'm Reed Fish^
Parts of Fool's Gold
The Bucket List
Loving Annabelle
Big Eden
Dial M for Murder
Parts of 2001
Swimming Pool
Smiley Face^
A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy
Dead Ringers
Dangerous Liasons
Mutual Appreciation
The Doom Generation
The Spiderwick Chronicles
The Sheltering Sky
Welcome to the Dollhouse*
Black Snake Moan^
Last Tango in Paris

In theater-
Sex and the City
Harold and Maude*
Grease- the sing along version
Man on Wire*

30 Rock - the first season (this consists of 21 22 minute episodes)
Dexter- the first season ( This consists of 12 one hour episodes.)

Cocaine Cowboys*
51 Birch Street (She cried. She identified with this immensely.)
Charles Manson Super Star
Rest In Pieces- A portrait of Joe Coleman *
The Weather Underground *
Following Sean
Hated - G.g. Allin & the Murder Junkies
Super High Me
Crazy Love
Kill Your Idols
loudQUIETloud: a film about the Pixies
Charles Bukowski: Born into this
Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired
Missionary Positions
A biography of Tony Robbins
Fred West and his Victims
UFO Cults
The Ken and Barbie Killers
The End of the World Cult*
The Bridge
Transexual in Iran
Jonestown- the life and death of people's temple **
Born Rich
PBS Frontline: Sex Slaves
Sex Crimes in the Vatican
The Origins of Aids
The Century of the Self**
Capturing the Friedmans
Grey Gardens

*julia advises you to watch these.
^julia advises you to avoid these, unless there is absolutely nothing else to do.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Declaring things Collectible: by Julia Claire Wallace May 2008- the present

Julia Claire Wallace declares her work collectable:

Consider yourself very lucky if you have any of the following:

numbered and signed prints of her paintings WITHOUT white borders. These are her first numbered prints ever. The matte prints of Niki, Janelle, Meghan, and the breasts Julia declares most valuable. The shiny prints of Nancy, Shawn and Julia holding the ankle are slightly less valued because she is still selling them. They are more collectible if they are signed and numbered, because she forgot to number some of them, and they are extra collectible if they are titled 'Patrick'.

Julia's limited edition zine is also a collector's. It contained many drawn portraits and myspace profiles.

Letters from Julia Claire Wallace are extremely collectible and should be carefully preserved, even if they are photo copied letters. Julia Claire Wallace often sent an altered photocopy instead of a hand written letter. These are especially collectible if they have the original envelope.

Any actual drawing or paintings by Julia are EXTREMELY rare and collectible considering that she keeps almost all of her work in a very old house, stacked in piles.

Screenprints are very collectible as well. There are very few screen prints, lino cuts, and other various kinds of prints in circulation. (Some titles include: Niki, Chasing Skirts to Heaven, The Nineteenth Summer and Baby.)

Also collectible are the handouts of Julia Claire Wallace.

Editions include:

A badly stapled set of handouts entitled:
The Artery Performance April 3rd (24 copies)
this handout is numbered and signed. Julia Claire Wallace declares the badly stapled copies MORE collectible.

set of 25 numbered and signed copies of a review of Julia Claire Wallace's piece entilitled 'Beauty' written by Patrick O'Brien Doyle

set of 25 numbered and signed copies of 'The Shower Story' a collaborative piece by julia claire wallace and patrick o'brien doyle.

Julia Claire Wallace is happy to sign any other copies of these handouts that are floating around, but if they are numbered, they are much more collectible.

More collectible items will be added to this list as they are remembered, or created.

Friday, May 2, 2008


watch out for sexyATTACK!

this has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life.

Friday, April 11, 2008

video art by julia claire wallace (the autoeroticist)

Surpik Angelini wrote a provocative piece on performance art in Houston.

She also wrote a piece about my performance piece at the Artery that I hope to post soon. It made me wonder if I should just make art and let other people explain it.

Like this:

hint: autoeroticism.

go ahead.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Performance Art at the University of Houston: Spring 2008

There have been some interesting occurances in the group of Performance Artists at University of Houston led by Elia Arce.

Here are a few:

Julia Claire Wallace created a half circle of chairs. She invited the members of the group to sit around her. She played the sounds of a ticking clock. She was lying on her back, she chanted the word beauty. She placed a vibrator against her herself, and continued to chant beauty as long as she could before she orgasmed. Then she resumed her chant.

Nancy Douthey Sat down on the ground with the group members. She had part of a sandwich on a plate, a glass of juice, and a bag of cheese balls. She ate the sandwich silently. Then she poured some cheeseballs onto her plate and carefully arranged them in a circle. She named each of her cheeseballs after friends and family. "This is mom and dad (pointing.) These are my sisters. This is my husband Mark. This is my friend Amy, and this is Radar my dog (etc.). "
Then she began to eat them. She chose easily at first. Starting with her cousins, moving to friends, then to cats. As she continued, it became obviously harder for her to choose. She began crying with her final choices. Finally, she was left with an empty plate.

Patrick O'Brien Doyle went to the front of the room, the group members sat in their desks watching. He took off his shoes and placed them in front of himself, facing him as if there was someone standing in front of him. He took off his socks, then his shirt. Solemnly, he took off his pants, and then his shirt. Finally he took off his underwear and and stood naked in front of his empty shoes.
(Then he gathered up his clothes quickly, held his clothes over his privates and ran out the classroom door)

Mark Hesterlee wore sunglasses and carefully chosen clothing. He stood emotionless and still in front of the classroom as a video was projected over him. The video was fast paced and filled with brand names and neon colors. The performance lasted about four minutes.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Julia's Parents Are Out of Town: October 18th 2007

In the fall of 2007 Elia Arce was teaching her second Performance Art Class at the University of Houston. Her students included Houston artists Julia Claire Wallace, Nancy Douthey, Tyson Urich, Brian D. McCord, Keijiro Suzuki, and Sean Carrol. Elia Arce decided that the class should do a night of individual performances. After perusing many different spaces the class decided to do their performance at the home of Julia Claire Wallace. She was currently living alone in her family's house. The house that she grew up in, It was jam packed with the ecclectic remains of twenty three years of Wallace family living. They named the artspace "The Julia". The class had photos taken in the house by local artist, Shane M. Maeberry, and used them to create their flyer.

When guests arrived they were greeted with the smell of Nancy Douthey's baking cookies as well as a cordial Elia Arce dressed as Julia Claire Wallace in a blonde wig, a drawn on piercing, and clothes that she picked from Julia's closet. Programs were available that included a map of the house as well as each of the participating artist's definitions of performance art.

In the kitchen, a soundscape was created by local D.J Justin L. Harmon and video documentation of the semester's projects played throughout the show. There was also an installation in the attic consisting of recorded sound performances from the class.

For two hours Brian D. McCord pedaled a stationary bike on the front porch connected to the porch light. He was wearing a powder blue suit. He placed signs around the area that advertised his business entitled 'On-site Lighting.' The signs informed the visitors of his cell phone number, and they were invited to call him as he pedaled.

Nancy Douthey cleaned the room of Julia Claire Wallace. It was quite "messy" when she entered, and quite neat when she left. The visitors were welcome to converse with Nancy as she cleaned.

Keijiro Suzuki created a small, taped off space in the dining room. He entitled his piece "Reconstruction of Home." In his small space he performed the daily activities of his life in Japan. He watched Japanese television and cooked rice. He also performed religious tasks that included recitation and burning parchment in a small bowl. He acted as if his audience was not there, ignoring them when they spoke to him.

Sean Carrol's piece was entitled '3 games.' He gathered a group in the living room and had them roll dice in competittion with eachother. When narrowed down to three participants, he gave them each a large plastic jar filled with juice and canned pears. He dropped a small safety pin in each jar, and the first two that fished out their safety pins went onto the last round. He asked these two final contestants which one had sex last, and the most recently screwed contestant was the winner. Sean conducted two of these games in the living room during the show. The first winner recieved a bottle of wine and the second winner recieved a coloring book.

Julia Claire Wallace conducted two games of spin the bottle in her parent's bedroom. She took reservations for the game before hand. She only allowed participants in the room (no spectators).

The rules of the game were:
1. a peck on the lips
2. a three second kiss
3. thirty seconds in the closet
4. kiss with toungue
5. shake hands

Tyson Urich was in the backyard. He had a pottery wheel on which he created things out of clay that he destroyed by throwing them against the side of the garage. He also allowed the visitors to create and destroy their own clay creations.

Some Local Artists who participated in/attended the event included: Aisen Chacin, Sebastian Forray, Patrick O'Brien Doyle, Loris Bradley, Shane M. Maberry, Robyn Locklin, Iskra Ivanova, Michael Brimms, Osker Sonnen

Julia Claire Wallace recorded her thoughts on the event in her blog, here.
Robyn Locklin also recorded her thoughts on the event in her blog, here and here.