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Documentation of Art by local artists that should be documented: Julia Claire Wallace: began December 2007

In December 2007, Julia Claire Wallace was remembering some of the Art happenings of the past few months. She looked through the pictures that she had taken with the disposable cameras she had been carrying around in her purse. She decided to document them on this website, with the hope that she would continue documenting other people's art in the future.
She contemplated if her lack of memory and attention to detail would inspire the artists to document their work better than she could. She hoped so.

by Nancy Douthey
October 19, 2007

Nancy Douthey worked with the UH fitness center for months convincing them to let a performance art piece to occur in their pool area. Instead of creating normal fliers, she went to a T-shirt store and printed T-shirt fliers on misprinted T-shirts for a dollar a piece (one was scanned by Julia Claire Wallace for the picture above). She placed the shirts in the pool area days before the event to be taken by anyone who desired to have one. She also created the web flier pictured above which was placed in places such as Buffalo Sean's Houston Artblog.

The evening of October 19th was family night, so the pool was filled with children and their parents. Whistles (such as the one scanned above) were placed in containers around the pool before 6:30 with instructions inviting people to take them.

A little past 6:30 Nancy Douthey came out of building as a coach, blowing her whistle. She called everyone to gather together. She instructed everyone to blow in various ways. She split the group into two and had them face each other. She had the two groups blow to each other in various ways. As soft as possible, as loud as possible, etcetera. She maintained a very solemn and intense countenance during the entire performance. Lastly, she blew her own whistle at the groups as hard as she could.

She performed the piece twice to accommodate the local artists who came to see the event late.

(Participators included local artists such as: Michael Brims, Emily Sloan, Elia Arce, Sebastian Forray, Julia Claire Wallace, Shane Maeberry etc.)

note: The t-shirt inspired a funny story often related by Artist Patrick Doyle in which he misreads the word blow while looking in the mirror. He also claimed that someone tried to buy his BLOW shirt off of his back when he was drinking at a local bar.

note 2: A Blow t-shirt and whistle hung on the walls of the artist Elia Arce's residence after the event.

note 3: Local artist Tyson Urich commented that the small whistle on the BLOW T-shirt looks very similar to an ovary.

Untitled: October 24, 2007

by Patrick O'Brien Doyle

Patrick O'Brien Doyle walked through the Bruce Nauman opening at the Menil Collection dressed in a cardboard box.

(witnessed by most of the local artists involved in Andrea Grover's Participation Art class)

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