Sunday, December 9, 2007

He is here!: A collaborative piece by Nancy Douthey and Julia Wallace, December 9, 2007

During an art meeting on December 9th Julia Claire Wallace and Nancy Douthey decided that they desired the help of Patrick O' Brien Doyle in creating an audio interview piece. He didn't answer either of their calls, so they made their way to his place of residence.

They noted that the car of a possible communist was parked in front of his home.

Nancy Douthey knocked repeatedly on his door with her fist as well as her knee in an ominous fashion while they covered his peephole so he would not be able to see who was at the door. Julia tried to see into his window by leaning over the balcony. After a long period of knocking they tried opening the door.

It was unlocked, so they called out Patrick's name and cautiously entered his home.

Julia Claire Wallace placed a color copy of a portrait that she had drawn of Patrick O'Brien Doyle on his refrigerator. It depicted the Houston Artist dressed as a deviled egg, lying in the street bleeding in reference to a previous performance piece that nearly resulted Patrick O'Brien dying in this very fashion.

Patrick O'Brien Doyle was not located in his place of residence, and Julia Claire Wallace and Nancy Douthey were.

Julia Claire Wallace began to write a note to Patrick O'Brien Doyle. It read:

Dear Patrick,

We are devastated to have missed you.

Julia Wallace


But as Julia was writing Nancy cried out in alarm that Patrick O'Brien had returned home! She could hear a commotion outside and she saw him hugging someone 'cute' goodbye outside!

The two ladies panicked! Julia Claire Wallace quickly pleaded to Nancy to sign the note. She took it, signed it, crossed out the previous message and wrote:

we didn't! we were just in time!

Then the ladies rushed around madly trying to devise a plan to deal with the uncomfortable situation. They could not find any way to exit the building, They could not find any hiding places that suited their fancy.

They decided to sit on the stools and act as if this was a perfectly normal situation and they were simply waiting on Patrick O'Brien Doyle to come and join their meeting.

They waited.

He did not open the door?

They looked outside, Patrick (Nancy Douthey did admit that it might have been just " a really tall man") had disappeared!

They quickly changed the note once more, crossing out the second message and writing the words "we did." and circling the previously crossed out 'Sorry.'

Then Nancy Douthey and Julia Claire Wallace ran like hell, breathing deep sighs of relief every once and awhile for the next ten minutes.

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Mama Drama Jenny said...

I have no idea what this post is about but I liked it in a really odd, russian novella kind of way.