Saturday, December 1, 2007

Radio Country: 2006 - the present

Inspired by her intense infatuation with the song, "Honkytonk Badonkadonk" Julia Claire Wallace decided to listen to Country Radio (mainly the stations 92.9 and 100.3) very often.

She became familiar with top country artists.

She became a huge fan of Brad Paisley.

She attended the Brad Paisley concert extremely excited to see Taylor Swift, but unfortunately she only caught the words of one of her favorite songs drifting over the hill as she ran up to Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion late.

She sings along loudly to this country radio in her car.

She often brings up at parties and bars how shocked she is at the political implications made by songs such as "Courtesy of the Red White and Blue."

She smiles and feels happy about life whenever she hears the song "Great Day to Be Alive."

She strikes up conversations with people with whom she might not have ever had anything else in common with.

She two stepped to now familiar songs at Wild Wild West.

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