Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Secrets Performance: Performed from September? 2007 through November 2007

After discovering that the The Muse does not open letters, Julia Claire Wallace decided to do a performance in response to this habit of his. She found the habit beautiful yet maddening, and contemplated for ages what she could do to explore her interest in the matter.

Finally she wrote down two secrets in a beautiful card, with a canoe on the front.

One secret was embarrassing but silly.

One secret was disturbing and frightening.

She wrote an explanation letter to be sent along with the secrets, but she decided to keep that letter in her journal.

She mailed the envelope of secrets, on the outside she wrote a fluxus score for The Muse and a statement of dismay at the beauty of this art piece.

The envelope came to the apartment of The Muse and ended up on his kitchen counter.

Julia Claire Wallace inquired a few times about the secret letter, but The Muse said that it had not come.

When Julia Claire Wallace visited the apartment of The Muse she noticed that the envelope HAD come apparently unnoticed by The Muse.

Weeks later, The Muse mentions that he discovered the letter of secrets, and had not opened it.

A few times artist, Julia Claire Wallace had the opportunity to steal the letter back, but decided to leave her secrets on the kitchen counter of The Muse on account of the extreme discomfort it caused her.

Once, The Muse threatened to go home and read the envelope of secrets with a friend of his who was wearing extremely shiny, red high heels. His threat was made amidst an evil laugh, increasing the discomfort of the artist, Julia Claire Wallace.

She reflected on the discomfort, and decided that it was beautiful discomfort, and definitely one of the most glorious results of the art piece.

Later, she visited the apartment and spied the envelope still unopened on the counter.

The secret letter was partly explained to the Houston artist known as The Cheerleader. She advised that the letter be stolen promptly.

Finally, during "The Shower Story" a collaborative art piece that occurred in November, Julia Claire Wallace secretly stole the letter of secrets and burned through the middle of it as part of a collaborative painting in The Muse's living room.

The remains of the burned letter were placed inside of a Wheat Thins box in The Muse's garbage bag, except for a small portion of the envelope which currently resides in the armrest in Julia Claire Wallace's car.

The Muse is most likely still ignorant to the letter's demise, which is a significant aspect of this piece.

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