Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Julia's House : Performed in September 2007

Julia Claire Wallace had never had a party at her house, and the idea of it frightened her.

So she decided that she must do it.

She began plans for an Art Performance Event to occur at her place of residence, also known as 'The Julia'.

She opened up her home as a piece of art.

To encourage people to look through the art (aka all of her belongings) she decided to have them create something of their own out of her belongings.

She asked attendees to collect various items, or to put notes on any items that they find.

She also bought a very large bottle of vodka and encouraged people to bring their own alcoholic beverages.

The result was a glorious night of happiness and art.

There was even a spontaneous massage circle in her dining room inspired by the appropriation of her 'back massager' by local Houston Artist, Emily Sloan.
Julia Claire Wallace's home was covered in delightful post its and letters that she continued to discover for weeks.

Julia Claire Wallace lives with her sister in her parents house, while the rest of her family lives across town. Her parents are usually not home, but they happened to stop by the next day and the next door neighbor politely asked to be informed about the next party, so that he could sleep somewhere else if there is "going to be singing and drinking in the front yard at 4am."

(Did I mention the spontaneous singing pieces that occurred?)

They apologized profusely and then Julia Claire Wallace's mother added her own notes around the gallery:

It is important to note, that months later, the house is still decorated with the notes of the attendees.

The event was attended/contributed to by Local Houston Artists such as: Robyn Lea Locklin, Aisen Chacin, Tyson Urich, Patrick O'brien Doyle, Emily Sloan, Brian D. McCord, Shane Maeberry, Michael Brims and many others.

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