Friday, February 18, 2011

Performing in Leipzig, Germany

Julia Claire Wallace / Houston Blauverschiebung No3 2010 Leipzig from galerie KUB on Vimeo.

Seeing Self
A performance by Julia Claire Wallace
September 2010
Blauverschiebing No. 3
Galerie KUB
Leipzig, Germany

In this performance I had the audience walk with me in circles around the space. Then, I stepped onto the stage, and completely undressed, exposing my pregnant body. I took my digital camera and went over my entire body, looking at myself through the camera screen. Then, I went out into the crowd and examined individual members of the audience through my camera. I then returned to the stage and examined my body, this time without the camera. I ended the performance by standing in front of the crowd and making eye contact with each member of the audience.


Ernesto said...
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Ernesto said...

Wow Julia such an outstanding job you did on your performance in Germany 2 years ago, and by the way you have such an amazing gorgeous naked body, including butt. How did it felt showing your body in front of 32-34 people for this performance, where you confident, nervous, or proud?

BTW first comment.

Julia said...

Thanks, Ernesto. I remember I felt calm and confidant, like I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing. I do remember feeling empathetic with the people who were made uncomfortable by my actions, but still confidant in my actions.

Ernesto said...
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Ernesto said...

That's great you showed alot of confidence in your performance.

Anyhow allow me to Introduce myself, my name is Ernesto Chacon I'm a 16 (now 17 year old young man today), live in 695 Orange Grove St League City TX and go to Clear Fall High School as a Sophmore this year. I have a form of Autism called PDD-NOS when I was born. But since then with the help of my parents and the people that support me, I became a lot better on interacting and befriending people I meet.

I want to write this 2nd post if you receive it, that you are an amazing, talented, beautiful, young woman you are Julia, as well as admiring the unique work you do in your performances. It would be nice to see you in person sometime soon and hang out, but it would be hard due to your busy schedule and myself having school. Anyhow it's nice to write you once again after a month and a half, and hope I hear a lot from you soon as well as doing more performances similar to the the one you did in germany in our area?

Sincerely your biggest fan,

P.S I know it a lot of writing, and hard to read it all but I just want to seel how you feel by it.

P.S.S Do you enjoy being naked? (Not a rude offense)

Ernesto said...

Hey Julia did you received the message i sent you? if so what do you think of it.

Ernesto said...

Hello Julia, I was wondering whether you looked at my message or not? Please respond

Ernesto said...

Hi Julia how's it going and what's up?

Ernesto said...

Julia why haven't you respond back?

Ernesto said...

Julia why haven't you respond back to my messages.